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Using rimmel stay matte mousse and love the coverage.. But how can I keep it from looking so dry around the sides of my nose? In between this foundation and revlon colorstay whipped..


With a fast-drying matte foundation like the Rimmel one, you’re definitely at risk for flake-accenutation.  Make sure you’re gently exfoliating your flakey areas and moisturizing your skin before you apply your makeup!  Using a good moisturizer will completely change the way your makeup looks on your skin… for the better!


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If you’re already doing that, the best way to reduce the emphasis of dry patches is to actually mix a tiny amount of your foundation with a tiny amount of moisturizer and use that as a concealer over top.  Pat this mixture in with your finger instead of wiping it around so that you don’t irritate your skin, and the emollient formula should smooth out your skin nicely without changing the amount of coverage you have!  :)


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New @SoniaKashuk Brushes! The limited edition set celebrating 15 years!!

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One of the limited edition Wet n’ Wild Red Carpet Color Icon eyeshadow collections. This one is in “Walking the Red Carpet”. So pretty!

I was so excited when  got this palette, but then I started using it and it was down hill from there. I don’t know if wet n wild changed their formula, but unlike their previous shadows this palette falls short. It do not ave the creamy texture that the older palettes have, especially that taupe crease shade. even after rubbing the shadow, it barely gives any color. I”m kinda disappointed, but oh well.


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